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Indigenous Inclusion Program

 The Indigenous Inclusion Program (IIP) at UGS focuses on building trust and long term, meaningful relationships across four pillars: Leadership Actions, Employment & Training, Business Development, and Community Relationships. Through Leadership Actions, we are committed to leading a culture that sustains positive Indigenous inclusion. Through Employment & Training, we are committed to train, attract, recruit and retain Indigenous peoples. Through Business Development we are committed to grow and integrate Indigenous business into our supply chain. Through Community Relationships we are committed to building mutual trust and respect with communities and partners in current and future operating areas.

The UGS IIP includes elements which are fundamental to its ongoing success, such as a Work Plan, an Indigenous Inclusion Committee (IIC), and annual self-evaluation using our Quality Management System (QMS).  An Indigenous Inclusion Work Plan is drafted annually to develop new budget and activities in order for UGS to continue to fulfill its commitments made through the UGS Indigenous Inclusion Policy. The Work Plan is our ‘boots on the ground’ document; it acts as a road map for the UGS Indigenous inclusion efforts. The IIC meets monthly to ensure development and delivery of the Work Plan are on track.  Formal evaluation of the Work Plan takes place annually. Through QMS, UGS measures the success of the Work Plan against several Key Performance Indicators.

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