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Indigenous Inclusion Policy

UGS is committed to working with Indigenous peoples in a spirit of collaboration.

Our core purpose is to help those around us to succeed and our goal is to establish and foster mutually beneficial and collaborative relationships with Indigenous peoples where we operate as well as in the community as a whole. We do this through strong relationships built on mutual trust, respect and integrity and through the creation of workforce development and business development opportunities.

UGS recognizes the inherent and constitutionally protected rights of Indigenous peoples and respects that Indigenous peoples have traditional Indigenous knowledge, values and beliefs. In the course of our business we will operate in proximity to areas of interest and/or use by Indigenous peoples. We will work in partnership with our clients, Indigenous peoples and communities to identify interests and to provide a better basis for understanding and managing interests and creating opportunities through our work. Universal solutions, unlimited possibilities.

We are All Treaty People: The Indigenous inclusion journey of Universal Geomatics Solutions

Geomatics Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

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