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Aboriginal Procurement Champion

As a Business Member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) since 2013, UGS has also recently become a CCAB Aboriginal Procurement Champion, supporting both UGS’s and the CCAB’s efforts towards economic reconciliation.

Becoming an Aboriginal Procurement Champion was not only a critical step to support UGS’s Indigenous Inclusion Program (IIP), it is also important in the overall growth of the company. One of the pillars of the IIP is business development and with this comes a focus on its supply chain. The CCAB’s Aboriginal Procurement Champion program provides UGS with access to the CCAB Aboriginal Procurement Marketplace, a directory of Certified Aboriginal Businesses. Access to the Aboriginal Procurement Marketplace supports the company’s understanding of, and provides enhanced access to, the Indigenous suppliers that it can work with and will be a benefit to UGS’s work.

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