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Plan Checker/Calculator

Plan Checker/Calculator

Application Deadline: December 07, 2018

Edmonton, Calgary, or Grande Prairie, Alberta

• Check field notes and other returns for correctness and compliance with U.G.S.C. standards and in accordance with the Manual of Standard of Practice and Surveys Act or other governing processes.
• Check above returns for compliance with client requests and anticipated survey plan requirements.
• Research and check Public Land Standing reports and Certificates of Titles from Land Titles Office and other sources for Third Party interests as they may impact on our client’s requirements.
• Assist with the preparation of preliminary and final plans required in the normal course of U.G.S.C. business practice including final plans for submission to the Land Titles Office, AER and AEP or any other plan as required by U.G.S.C. clients or partners.
• Processing and management of data to facilitate multiple end-user groups and final products.
• Preparation and conversion of processed data for final delivery in accordance with client requirements including: as-built plans, spreadsheets, geo-databases, and survey reports.
• Assist the Production Manager in ensuring proper compliance with industry standards and regulations by drafting staff in the preparation of all plans that may be required in U.G.S.C. business practice.
• Understand and perform document preparation, archiving processes or control functions in accordance with on-site policy and procedures.
• Participates regularly and actively in all aspects of the health and safety program as outlined by the Health and Safety Department.
• Perform additional assignments and responsibilities as required.

• Certificate or diploma in survey or civil technology from a recognized technical institution.
• 2-5 years’ direct work experience considered an asset.
• Understanding of sources of errors in survey procedures, methodology and equipment used in the practice of surveying.
• Working knowledge of survey and plan requirements (Surveys Act, Manual of Standard Practice, Land Titles, AER and AEP guidelines or requirements)
• Proficient with one or more of the following survey related software applications: AutoCAD Map, Microsurvey, Trimble Business Center, or MS Office programs.
• Knowledge of applicable laws, codes, regulations, policies and procedures. A strong, demonstrated commitment to lifelong learning.

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